About the Salvation Army of Summit County

The Salvation Army of Summit County is a unit of the international Salvation Army. Click here to learn more about the history, mission, and beliefs of the Salvation Army.

The Summit County unit has served Akron and surrounding communities since 1884 -- 136 years of commitment. The dedicated staff and committed volunteers of the Summit County unit work every day to provide tangible assistance through programs that are not generic or one-size-fits-all but are flexible to provide the right assistance needed at the right times to the right people. Current services provided to this community include:

  • Emergency financial assistance for rent and utility payments
  • Feeding programs such as hot meals, pantry, direct food distribution and homeless mobile outreach
  • Children's programs including overnight summer camp, day care, after-school care, and summer enrichment
  • Visits to elderly, disabled and imprisoned
  • A 60-bed resident rehabilitation program for those struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Disaster services and emergency response as needed

In FY2019, The Salvation Army Summit County Area Services provided 33,233  individuals with 544,763 services. The Area Services office currently employs 23 full time staff, and is responsible for all of the programs listed above except for the resident rehabilitation program. The Adult Rehabilitation Center is managed by a second set of The Salvation Army officers, who also run the Family Stores. This rehabilitation program is fully supported through the Family Store operations, and account for another approximately $3.5mil budget. Although there are locations in 124 countries around the world, the local unit is responsible to raise all funds necessary to support the programs in our own community.

The goals of The Salvation Army of Summit County are to:

  • Interrupt and break the cycle of poverty in our community, enabling economic self-sufficiency and active contribution to the social, economic and spiritual well-being of the community
  • Serve as a unifying force that is welcomed by, respected by, and able to bring together all elements of our community - those in a position to give and those in a place of need.
  • Instill hope in all whom we touch, recipients or donors of our services.

The Salvation Army in Summit County is unique in that it is located in multiple areas surrounding Greater Akron and thereby accessible to those in need. In its history in Greater Akron, the Salvation Army has been instrumental in bringing one community together in a spirit of humility, service, and all motivated by a simple faith in Christ.