Emergency Disaster Services

When disaster strikes around the world, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services is always among the first to respond. Deploying trained officers, staff and volunteers, The Salvation Army emerges within the heart of disaster, providing food, water, spiritual care and helping to address the long-term needs of those who are affected.


During times of relative calm, The Salvation Army’s EDS team provides support to local first responders as needed in times of fire, accident or other emergency. By meeting the nutritional and spiritual needs of those who serve us daily, The Salvation Army allows them to do their work, and to do it well.

Volunteers, staff and officers undergo ongoing training in order to stay vigilant for adversity. Through drills, classes and ongoing equipment maintenance, The Salvation ensure that it is able to respond quickly when needed.

For more information, please contact our office by calling 330-7628481.